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We help employees



Strengthen focus, battle distraction and work in flow. Let your people make clear cut decisions and stick to them!



Increase innovation, learn and improve continuously by taking ownership and dealing with failure. Dare to be courageous!


Be resilient

Improve energy management and stress coping techniques. Know how to deal with change. 


  • PersonalEffectiveness

    We facilitate employees with short, bite-sized learning opportunities. By cutting waste, repeating the core message and practicing mental exercises we maximize training efficiency with 80%.

  • Vitality

    Remote vitality classes with open registration for employees. Each week a different topic! Think about subjects such as the balanced mind, stress management or the focused mind. All sessions originate from scientific psychological research and combine education with practice and simple effective exercises.

  • One-on-OneSessions

    Sometimes you need personal guidance to become the best version of your professional self. Our psychologists help employees to work with a clear mind and ability to face challenges. 

  • MindfulnessMeditation

    Teach attention control, emotion regulation and increase self-awareness

Our clients

"The sessions give our employees the opportunity to stay balanced in our ‘always-on’ world, build awareness, and focus on different themes each week which have direct impact on both their personal and professional lives."

Sadie Voet - Talent development ASICS