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To thrive is to have clarity of mind; a clear vision on the impact to make. Each day starts with the end goal in mind and continues by working with focus, creating opportunities to work in flow, making clear decisions and working together with others by trying to understand each other and speak openly.



To grow is to be aware, reflect, be humble, adapt and change on a continuous basis. To be motivated and work purposefully. To be aware of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour. There is no growth without failure and no innovation without courage.


Be resilient

Resilience is the foundation of wellbeing at work. To be resilient is to accept uncertainty and change, to practice gratitude, connect, circumvent bias, and help others. Handle stress in the right way and invest in energy management.


  • Our programmes are designed to make a permanent positive impact on productivity and decrease absence. We offer programmes on three intensity levels; light, medium, intense. We train on a voluntary basis, with frequent, short sessions that combine education and practice to imbed real change.

  • LevelLight

    This training program is for the big crowd. In 30-minute workshops we touch upon a variety of topics to improve wellbeing and effectiveness. Every workshop a different topic to train the mind! Think about topics such as growth mindset, stress management and focus. In these sessions people will learn about the topic of the week, practice to grow in this area with an effective exercise, and ask questions to our psychologist who facilitates the training.

  • LevelMedium

    This is a team-based programme with a regular group. First we will determine in which area the team wants to grow. Based on this analysis a custom-made track will be developed and facilitated by one of our psychologists. The team will come together frequently, for short, impactful sessions with education, practice, sharing and intervision. The team will connect, open up and learn to understand themselves and each other.

  • LevelIntense

    This exclusive program is not for the faint-hearted. Each individual will undergo an assessment to determine the goals of the programme. The group will learn about all aspects of the mind and practice to thrive, grow and stay resilient at work ánd in life. They will engage in group and individual sessions with one of our psychologists. A journey with a steep learning curve that will never be forgotten.

Our clients

"The sessions give our employees the opportunity to stay balanced in our ‘always-on’ world, build awareness, and focus on different themes each week which have direct impact on both their personal and professional lives."

Sadie Voet - Talent development ASICS